STEEP: Smart Track Executive Education Program

Smart Track Executive Education Program (STEEP) is a 15 month long, calibrated, customized and focused program that assists CHRO/CXO aspirants to ascend the steep terrain to the CHRO/CXO summit.

Professionals who are committed to transforming themselves to assume business leadership roles, with significant achievements, 35 – 40 years of age, persevering, willing to stretch, and yearning to learn, aspiring to be CHROs / CXOs can apply for STEEP. Participation is open to professionals from corporate, NGO, education and consulting sectors.

STEEP follows the natural principles of growth and transformation and incorporates 3x3x3 approach.

  • In three Phases (Confidence Building, Efficacy Building and Proficiency Building phases)
  • Through three Spaces, (Disruption, Nurturing and Fostering spaces)
  • Across three Domains (Business, Professional and Personal domains)

Program Outcomes envisaged are

  • Strategic Mindset, Balanced Perspectives and Smart Habits
  • Leadership self-awareness, confidence and emotional intelligence/ maturity
  • Professional Proficiency: influence, execution excellence, risk appetite and result focus
  • Amplified business orientation and acumen
  • Agility, flexibility and dexterity to meet emergent challenges

STEEP delivery deploys calibration, class room, and workshop and immersion modules. Instructional modes encompass Expert Inputs, Expert interactions and expert facilitation by faculty members from academia and industry. Learning Immersion is achieved by blending mini projects, peer instruction, flipped learning and similar innovations.

Participants progressively assessed on comprehension, application, domain progress and professional growth. Individualised coaching, Mentoring and other assistance are also extended.


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