FaDP: Facilitator Development Program

Nothing is permanent than Change!

With every change we are in a new situation or context. Our contexts are defined by stakeholders, relations and tasks. Every context has a purpose and meaning. To effectively address ever changing contexts, one has to unlearn and learn all the time. Facilitators enable people by equipping them with an ability to continuously “learn to learn” and respond to emergent contexts. Facilitation simplifies assists, expedites and/or accelerates learning. Pegasus facilitation style is known for its unique revealing method and has been co-created by Pegasus along with its stakeholders since 1997.

Program objective

To enable individuals ‘Learn to Learn’ and ‘Facilitate Learning’ – This programme exposes the participants to the concepts, gives them experience of various practices such as goal setting, debriefing, reflection and their importance in improving learner engagement. Research has shown that teachers’/facilitators’ attitude and behaviour are important factors in learner engagement. This is an intense programme and the participants of this programme go through rigorous self-discovery and are given feed-forward on how they can leverage their strengths and how they can work to improve their dys-functionalities. The combined learning of concepts, practices and self-development makes the participant learning ready.

Program methodology

Programme deploys a hybrid methodology that blends learning forms through Case studies; Concept sessions; Simulations; Group discussions; Videos; Role play and Project Work.

Program guarantees participants the 3 E’s

  • Exposure to concepts in facilitation and self-development
  • Experience practices essential for facilitation and self-development
  • Opportunity to Experiment learning in a simulated environment

Who can participate

  • INDIVIDUALS: Facilitators; Trainers; Coach; Consultants; L&D Professionals; Vocational (hard skill)
    trainers and Instructors of Performing Arts
  • CORPORATE:Junior/Mid/Senior Managers and Team Leaders
  • ACADEMIA: School Teachers; College Professors; Coach and tutors
  • NGO:Social Workers and Trainers

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