Employment Readiness


Students seeking employment have to present themselves well in their resume and acquire necessary skills and confidence to face interviews. The programme will include tools for self-discovery, disclosure and dealing with questions and objections from a group.


Students who have secured a job and need to transition from the campus (culture) to corporate (culture). In this programme participants will be sensitised to the change in contexts that they will experience while transiting from campus to corporate. They have to shift from receivers of knowledge to seekers and learners. The participants will ‘learn to learn’, conceptualise and apply. They will learn from their own reflections and those of others. This programme exposes participants to practices and concepts with which they will learn to respond to situation as opposed to reaction. The participants will experience the difference between being a dependent, to interdependent to being an independent individual.

Focus Areas

The focus areas typically address the following aspects, among others:

  • Understanding self (to initiate reflection on self) and others
  • Understanding the big picture
  • Understanding organizational values
  • Alignment with team and organizational goals
  • Taking initiative and understanding importance of active involvement
  • Planning and optimal utilization of resources
  • Understanding team dynamics and the need to work in teams
  • Value of time and time management

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