Transformational Leadership Program


A very basic definition of a Transformational Leader is “A person who enhances the motivation, morale, and job performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms. These include connecting the follower’s sense of identity and self to the project and the collective identity of the organization; being a role model for followers that inspires them and makes them interested; challenging followers to take greater ownership for their work, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of followers, so the leader can align followers with tasks that enhance their performance.”


Fundamentally the program addresses the four basic elements that constitute Transformational Leadership:

  • Individualised Consideration (IC) – the degree to which the leader attends to each followers’ concerns and needs by displaying empathy and support and keeping communication open while placing challenges before them.
  • Intellectual Stimulation (IS) – encouraging followers to be innovative and creative by encouraging ideas from the followers and never criticizing them in public for their mistakes.
  • Inspirational Motivation (IM) – the degree to which a leader articulates a vision that is appealing and inspiring to the followers.
  • Idealised Influence (II) – acting as a role model for his followers.


  • Participants will gain deeper understanding of their strengths and blocks accross four elements, and will create a roadmap to overcome the blocks and actualise their leadership potential.
  • Participants will also be enabled / equipped to
    • Create a compelling vision,
    • Sell the vision,
    • Find the way forward, and
    • Lead the charge

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