Organizational Life Cycle

Organizational life cycle (OLC) is a model that proposes that businesses, over time, progress through a fairly predictable sequence of developmental stages. This model is linked to the study of organizational growth and development. It is based on a biological metaphor of living organisms, which have a regular pattern of development: birth, growth, maturity, decline, and death. Likewise, the OLC of businesses has been conceived of as generally having four or five stages of development: start-up, growth, maturity, and decline, with diversification sometimes considered to be an additional stage coming between maturity and decline.

Pegasus OLC workshop will essentially use the framework of Dr. Adizes’s model of Organization Life Cycle and enable members to identify the organization location in the life cycle and way forward on the four critical parameters of


During the workshop the participants will

  • Collectively identify the organisations present location in OLC, appreciate and acknowledge challenges as accepted behavior at that stage.
  • Define actionables ( Macro to micro) at each function level and lead change for a healthy transition from current stage to the desired stage.
  • Define core values and desired culture to enable the transition.
  • Appreciate the need for future interventions like evolving organisation wide competency frame work, leadership development , specific team based interventions,
    coaching … etc.

Input Methodology

  • Concept sessions
  • Simulations
  • GroupDiscussions
  • Video
  • Clips
  • Case Studies
  • Experience Sharing

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