Pegasus Learning Center (PLC)

Pegasus Learning Center (PLC) is the not for profit arm of Pegasus Institute for Excellence. While Pegasus HRD center (Pvt) Ltd is a business venture in the area of Training for Team building & Leadership and has established credibility, reliability and visibility in the pan India L&D market place over the last 12 years, the idea of PLC is the brain child of the core group.

PLC initially looked at ‘learning for development’ needs of Pegasus faculty and their future readiness to embark on new portfolio variations to OBL (Outward Bound Learning). In order to look beyond OBL and innovate new designs and integrate theories from contemporary management techniques to emerging corporate clients PLC mandated itself to nurture eco-sensitive, sustainable corporate consciousness:

  • Initiate and sponsor research and innovation in the areas of Learning and Development with leading educational Institutions in India and abroad
  • Promote Communities of Practice (COP) across the country for a wide area networking and access tacit knowledge
  • Organise Round table conference of think tanks for ‘Thought Leadership’
  • Hold Future Ready seminars for capacity building
  • Participate in national and international conferences on allied subjects
  • Offer new age certification programmes for capability building in change management, consulting and coaching

Under this charter the scope for offering certification programme in Organisation Development (a sister discipline to L&D and HR), caught the attention of PLC. An improved version of the ODCP is now being offered under PLC as Organisation Development – Leading Change (OD-LC). Another programme on ‘people practices for business roles’ is in the drawing board and will be offer for aspiring CXOs, within this year.

The synergy of many well-wishers, long standing clients, contacts and networks that Pegasus has built over the years of their professional standing in the field of Management consulting in general and OD and L&D in particular is yielding in big measure. PLC invites and embraces affiliates from every field and function of management, academia from B School and research specialists in biology, medicine, brain sciences and the like.

PLC has in its core group experienced trainers from various disciplines and Institutions such as Management science, Military science and defense systems, Education, PWC, DRDO and IISC.

PLC concept has been appreciated across, has the support and concurrence of long standing professional counselors and thought leaders Mr.RR.Nair, Prof.Abad Ahmad, Prof.Vasanthi Srinivasan, Gen.Tabbi Nayyar and Mr.Subrato Bagchi Prof.Akilesh and P.M.Kumar. They advise PLC on the state of the art, world class methodologies, ideas, possibilities and motivating challenges that PLC can launch and prepare to position Pegasus as a total Institution to become the first Experiential University in the Indian sub-continent.