About Us

Genesis of Pegasus – "The power of an Idea"

Capt Ravi who founded Pegasus, had a stint in the army where he served his Battalion, 5 Para, for the first four years and later as Aide – De – Camp to a general. During this tenure, he experienced both the micro and macro ways in which the Indian Army operated. On separation, he was associated with a small scale industry for about a year and then went on to start a security company in 1989. During this period he witnessed a lot of labor unrest and other people related issues and also got a ring side view of how industries operate. The combined experience of the Army and Industry led him to wonder if transferring some of the management practices from the services to the corporate would benefit the industry on the whole. This led to the conception of Pegasus but the question that persisted in his mind was “How do I make it happen?”..

Ravi’s conviction grew stronger as he kept thinking about this abd to reinforce this thought process he went about dialoging with some industry thought leaders. Fully convinced that the idea merits implementation, he went about selecting and developing a suitable site near Bangalore, which would provide a conducive environment to Learning, He next formed a core team that went about actualizing this idea.

Our openness to suggestions, critiques & feedbacks resulted in evolving a learning methodology which we call the “Pegasus Way”. The Pegasus Way involves a right blend of best practices, processes, instruments from the services, human behavioral processes, psychometrics, team-based activities and process facilitation techniques.

Having established the Bangalore center and seeing it making a difference to people and organizations, it was decided to establish our footprint across the country. So today we have fully operational delivery centers in Bangalore, Pune, Pondicherry, Bubhaneshwar and Dehradun.